Life is a travel and who travels lives twice.

Generous with space and land stolen from the sea and mountains Liguria is a land that is miraculous, inhabited since ancient times by a proud people, the skill of making the rocks fertile, cultivating tenacious olive trees and spectacular vineyards that cling to the cliffs to the sea , where the territory would have discouraged any initiative.

The geographical position of the thin mountainous arch overlooking the Gulf of Genoa, the beauty of its natural environment, its mild climate, crystal clear sea, the ancient historical and spontaneous tourist have made the Riviera a perfect region to offer hospitality and to spend the holidays in Liguria.

This site was created to let everyone know about the Riviera di Ponente. And 'it designed to provide food to tourists who decide to spend their holidays here and to those who live there and maybe knows some pearls of our territory.



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