The three bridges walk

Starting locations: Chapel of St. Bridget (Dolcedo, IM)

Technical notes:
Fascinating journey through olive groves, lavender, history, legends and traditions. The route takes you through woods and farmland, partly using ancient trails

Trail description:
The little chapel where you leave your car follow the clear indications to the left. First on asphalt (flat), then on the path with slight elevation changes (1st bridge).
Path through forests, farm roads, almost to arrive in Pietrabruna (flat or almost) then reverse sensoi slightly downhill, first on the street then the path to the stream (taken into neglect and little senalato, watch out for red signs triangles) (2 ° bridge).
Ski steep slope opposite, first among old terraces (weeds on the path), then olive and again to asphalt to the car. (2 hours and a half in comfort).