Gallinara lakes

A few kilometers from the sea and from the city of Albenga in the Province of Savona is this pond, a former quarry where the fun is guaranteed to "newbies" and "experts."

Data of the pond:

Maximum size: 210 x 115 m
Depth: from 5 to 9 m
Fund type: earthy
Water: cloudy
What fish: rainbow trout, brown trout and salmon, sturgeons, eels, etc. ... Plus there is a second pond for no-kill fishing for carp and pike.
How to fish (Technical): spinning, float and thoroughly
Permissions: Tessera AssoLaghi (€ 15 per year)
Costs: € / h 7.00 with the possibility of mini-subscriptions

No limit on catches, forbidden to use maggots / maggots, blood and live

The pond is very nice, you can fish in peace even in the crowded days. Fish are released every 2-3 hours in good quantity. They are present in majority trout from about 500 hg, but are not impossible catches of large specimens of 4-5 Kg (lake record 10.50 Kg).

At the lakeside there is often a polite attendant who is generous with advice to those in need.

You can buy out directly on site.

There are toilets, sinks for cleaning the outside of the fish, a large car park on the lakeshore.

You can eat delicious sandwiches with grilled sausages, prepared by the owners.

Some negative note: the bottom is muddy and the shore high enough makes it mandatory landing net ... and the price is a little high without discounts on the following hours, you can pay directly before leaving the place of fishing.

In some months it is planned several fish entries and night fishing.