Beaches for dogs

Come and discover the beaches for dogs near Val prino in Liguria.

Liguria is one of the regions with the highest number of dog friendly beaches.

From East to West, along the entire Ligurian coast there are many bathing establishments and lidos equipped with shaded areas and fountains where dogs and their owners are welcome.

Access regulations differ from structure to structure, but in general it is enough to behave in a polite and respectful way and be able to demonstrate the good health of your four-legged friend.

Here are some of those present in the province of Imperia:

Municipal Beach

  • Address: corso Giovanni Boine, Porto Maurizio (IM)
  • Type of beach: free

Green Bay Bathrooms

  • Where to find it: via Aurelia Ponente, Ospedaletti (IM)
  • Type of beach: communal beach for a fee

Free beach of Ospedaletti

  • Where is it: via Lungomare Colombo, Ospedaletti (IM)
  • Type of beach: free

Beach for dogs of Ventimiglia

  • Where is it: via del Lungomare, Ventimiglia (IM)
  • Type of beach: private, free access for dogs

San Lorenzo al Mare

  • Where is it: Imperia
  • Type of beach: public municipal beach

Beach resort Prino

  • Where to find it: via Boine, Lungomare Porto Maurizio (IM)
  • Type of beach: free

Beach Ramoino

  • Where is it: Oneglia (IM)
  • Type of beach: free

Beach Terrace

  • Where is it: Lungomare Calvino, Sanremo (IM)
  • Type of beach: private

Free beach of Sanremo 

  • Address: via Tiro a Volo, Pian di Roma, Sanremo (IM)
  • Type of beach: free equipped

Maoma Bathrooms

  • Where to find it: Argentina 11 promenade, Bordighiera (IM)
  • Type of beach: free