Monesi di Triora

In winter and early spring is a ski resort Monesi:

born in the mid-fifties, rightly earning the nickname of "small Ligurian Switzerland". Still they are still operating a chairlift, two ski lifts, a bar, a hotel, a grocery store and another ski rental. Allow her to enjoy two ski lifts in operation of some of the old tracks (the "green", "red", the "blue", the "wall", the "Plateau", the "streets" of varying difficulty) and many off-piste that descend from the slopes of Mount Saccarello current real attraction of Monesi in winter besides ski mountaineering, for a skiable area of approximately 330 hectares. This area, much of which owned by the Tuscan brothers of Briga Alta, coincides with the largest private property in Liguria region.

 Closed now due to landslide