Feast of the transhumance Mendatica

Three-day festival that for several years now recalls the joys and struggles of life of transhumance, the common culture of the nations brigasche allocated in facility of Mount Saccarello.

The festival will be an opportunity for education meeting between the schools of Western Liguria and Southern Piedmont in teaching day on Friday (though open to all), that the morning will offer thematic workshops and guided tours, while in the afternoon at 15 hours will see the striking down of shepherds, herds and flocks through the streets of the historic center; Saturday there will be the traditional Fair of St. Matthew, originally a cattle market and now become display of local produce and crafts, followed, from 16, to parade and characteristic Palio of the Goats, a fun competition with obstacle course between local historic huts. The party will continue in the evening, with the music of "I Ciansunier" from 21 hours Sunday will instead feature the games of yesteryear, with entertainment for children and adults between the farm animals.