The village of Prela Castello

Prelá Castello (Prelà Castellu in ligure) is part of the municipality of Vasia, it is an idyllic, protected place; It is home to the ruins of a XII-century castle in the midst of extensive olive groves. The village has a solid eventful history. In the Middle Ages, the rulers who controlled the whole valley Prino lived in Prelà castle. The village houses are part of the same period of the castle itself, or were built with stones taken from it.

The Renaissance church with its baroque facade reflects the glory of the past and the richness of the place. Today, only 15 people still live in Prelà, kind and helpful people.

The only road through the village is rarely used and results in a sunny square. Here, once or twice a year, it is organizing a festival called "Ribotta in Ciassa". On this occasion the inhabitants cook and eat all night with friends, relatives and guests.