Thermal Baths of Pigna

The Thermal Baths of Pigna, unique Thermal Institute of Liguria in the Val Nervia, 40 minutes from Montecarlo and Sanremo, an area of ​​great historical and landscape value of Western Liguria, looks like a luxurious exclusive and comfortable hotel. The "Terme di Pigna" are Convenzionate with the National Health System. To take advantage of care, simply present your prescription from your General Practitioner or Specialist of the ASL, indicating the diagnosis and the type of care. The prescription of the doctor is valid for one cycle of free spa treatments (except existing legislation ticket). A specialized medical staff, coordinated by a Health Department specializes in thermal medicine issues and medical hydrology and highly qualified personnel, accompany the visitor step by step, listening to his every need and advising him, so that each treatment becomes an exclusive time staff. The waters of Terme di Pigna Sulfuree Chlorinated sodium sulphate and hypothermal microbiologically pure.

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