Villa Grock

Villa Bianca, or better known as Villa Grock, is one of those magic places I know all of my empires. It is a place enveloped in the mystery that has always fascinated the children of every generation and all those who, by mistake or not, have passed in front of its gates.

There are many mysteries and legends on this villa, as well as stories and curiosities tell about its owner Charles Adrien Wettach, in Grock art, considered the greatest clown of all time.

Villa Grock is undoubtedly one of the most unique and bizarre buildings that can be found in the Riviera dei Fiori. The architecture and decorations, loaded with esoteric symbols and Masons, are so closely linked to Grock's personality that it would be impossible to talk about it without first describing and telling the story of its owner.

source imperiadavedere