The village of Ceriana

Ceriana (Ceriana in Liguria) is located in the hinterland of Sanremo, Italy, and retains the typical appearance of a medieval rural village built in concentric rings around the hill, according to the construction techniques of defense of the Italian Middle Ages. Rich with oratories, rustic and votive chapels, Ceriana offers to visitors, in a maze of narrow alleys, with its palaces, home to ancient powers, mostly Genoese and the beauty of its baroque and Romanesque churches.
The cerianaschi are still very attached to their traditions, jealously guarded and a living sign of a past, the source of strong values ​​and timeless.
Ceriana is also famous for the extra virgin oil production of Taggiasca variety olive, for the proud dried tomatoes and sausage. In fact, during the festival dedicated to it (third Sunday of August), the sausage is proposed succulents in 4 versions, by the cooks of the 4 brotherhoods, which challenge each other for the appointment with the goal of offering the interpretation more fitting. Including a proposal for grilled and a casserole, you will have the opportunity to compare the flavors and measure the ability of the cooks, hardcore every year for the occasion.
Also the surroundings of Ceriana are characterized by the presence of beautiful woods, as well as great places to hide and preserve the birth of tasty porcini. They have always been famous for the excellent quality of chestnuts, the fruit of the highest quality that allows you to create excellent food with chestnut flour recipes, such as fresh royal Castagnùn, main protagonist of the festival, in October. Not only: the wood of chestnut trees provide raw material for construction. Do not miss the walk to Chestnut Millennial of Tumaixin, place particularly dear to the Nobel Prize Giulio Natta.