Water Park Le Caravelle

Breathtaking slides, a dance floor in the water, rivers, swimming pools and whirlpools. Water Park Le Caravelle was opened in 1989 and since then has kept the carefree style of the era without missing appointments with the innovations of recent years, a wellness area and wi-fi. The name, of course, remember the trips of Columbus and three caravels, the waves and splashing, there really are.
The park is large (80,000 square meters), but it runs quietly in bare feet (for the lazy there is still an internal train leading from one attraction to another).
The equipment needed is to Beach: beach towel, sunscreen, sandals, swimsuit. And wanting to have fun. Some bring with them the bag, others prefer to use the cloakroom service (for a fee). But the locker room is open for everyone.
Down the road leading to the central plaza, here's the polposition. On the right are the food court and the snack bar (open after 14.00 and own production), and from here you can enjoy a view of the whole: the water and the green of the park, under the sun, they give almost the 'impression of being in a tropical paradise. On the left, instead, here's the newspaper kiosk and 50 cm wading pool for younger children, with lots of miniscivoli for the first dives.
For those who want a little 'relaxation do not miss the new spa area (from 16 years upwards, entrance 5 Eu): the area is proposed as a real spa, with whirlpool tubs for different parts of the body to a location of sensations, aromas and a pleasant alternation between hot and cold, a bit 'as in the ancient baths. A treat are the three caves tub with scented mint shower and blue light, or cherry and red tones. Down the path there is also a steam bath: the temperature is between 25 and 30 degrees, always with relaxation.
Continuing on the most adrenaline-fueled attractions, from four types of slides: multitrack, foam, water and suicide bombers. If the first two are definitely affordable for everyone, tobogganing down a winding path while the suicide bomber, steep and straight down to the water, it is recommended to more daring. Eventually it falls into the water and swimming pool (1.20 m) one touch.
Further on are the wave pool (with a beach and sun beds) and the two rivers, the Rio Colorado and the Rio Bravo. The first, with its current, drag round those swimming up to it. The second attraction is breathtaking: you go on board small boats for two, almost like an adventure on the rapids.
There are other spaces, from hot tubs to the beach volleyball court, up to dedicated pools especially for children. One of the most popular attractions from the boys, though, is the Acquadance, the open-air disco from 14.30 where you dance the summer hits in refreshed custom water splashes.
The hours pass quickly to the Caravelle, the sun colors the skin and cream bottle is indispensable. For those who want to stop for a moment, in the summer, there's also shows how minimusical the Teatro delle Erbe in Milan or the French school clown.