Ruve du Megu

Tree by the majestic bearing, about 28 meters, with a diameter of 420 cm is the sturdy trunk with low branches and sweeping foliage. The bark is made evident scales of gray color. The gems are characterized by a dense pubescence as well as the leaves on the lower side. The flowers are unisexual, and borne on dense catkins, the male, the axils of the leaves, the female ones, enclosed in tormenting casings of scales. The fruits are achenes of squat, globular with the dome that covers the fruit for a third of the length.
It is a widespread species in southern center in Italy is present in the foothills of the Alps and Apennines, to the basal plane sub-Mediterranean. It has a good ecological value, that is, able to adapt to different climatic and soil conditions (relating to land), while preferring the warm and sunny stations and limestone soils particularly in the North and at altitude.
The oak forests characterize much of the Italian landscape. The hardiness of the species and its spread have allowed a good conservation despite the intensive pruning it has undergone since ancient times.
The wood is especially suitable to be used as fuel and, especially in the past, was used for the production of railway sleepers.
He alleged an age of about 350 years.