Faudo mountain walk

Vieni a scoprire la passeggiata del Monte Faudo nella Val Prino.

Starting point: Chapel of Santa Brigida (Dolcedo , IM )

Itinerary description:
From Santa Brigida (fountain), as an alternative to the winding carriageway, take the beautiful cobblestone mulattiera that begins behind the little church, to the left of the dirt road. The mule track goes smoothly between shrubs and trees, keeping it always near the crest of Prino / San Lorenzo. The cobblestone leaves the path further, then farts the dirt into a tornantine and finally returns to the height of a junction With fountain (Passo Bastia). Following the signs, take the steep cemented road leading to the "Casone dei Partigiani" (with a small Resistance Museum), turn right into the woods, climbing steeply towards the summit, which is reached after crossing the crossing. From the top, where unfortunately there is a true high repetition forest that spoils the cross and the little church, on the right days you can enjoy a beautiful 360 ° panorama, from the surrounding Ligurian Alps to the coast in front, from the Gulf of Genoa to Corsica. You can then return to the same way of the fairway or following the long dirt road. There will be about 3.5 km of light foot up to Bastia Pass, then another 1 and a half miles uphill to the summit. The only trace present with a minimum of constancy throughout the course is a red (sometimes faded) arrow on the rocks.