Giardini Hanbury

The Hanbury Botanical Gardens rise on Mortola's promontory, on the Ligurian coast, just a few miles from the French border. They occupy an area of ​​18 hectares, including in the commune of Ventimiglia, in the town of Mortola, in the province of Imperia.

The land is sloping from the hill to the sea, as is typical of the Ligurian coast. The landscaping is typically "English", with irregular and romantic rustic walkways and arched patios, with picturesque views of the sea in the background. The park is also crossed by a stretch of the ancient consular road via Julia Augusta; For geographic conformance, access to the villa is from its upper side.

Below the entrance porch you can admire a mosaic depicting Marco Polo, a work designed by the Viceroy Antonio Salviati and dated 1888.

In the lower part, not far from the sea (though not accessible due to the enclosure system), a small half-timbered area is preserved with the original Mediterranean vegetation, shaded by pines and equipped with a gazebo.

source Wikipedia