The village of Realdo

Realdo (REAUD in Ligurian) is located in the upper part of the Argentina Valley, which extends as far as Mount Saccarello. Since 1947 Realdo is part of the municipality of Triora, in the province of Imperia. At the beginning of the town there is a sign "REAUD, Tèra Brigasca. With" Brigasca Earth "shows the area that extends from Realdo and Verdeggia, La Brigue French, Piaggia, Upega and Carnino, to the powerful the Maraguareis and includes, in addition to Verdeggia, always the municipality of Triora (Imperia) and Viozene, always the municipality of Ormea (Cuneo), the entire territory of the former Piedmont City of Brigue, which was part Realdo .
Realdo then, a hamlet of Triora today, in the province of Imperia (Liguria Region), until 1947 was fraction of the former municipality of Briga Marittima, in the province of Cuneo (Piedmont region). With the Peace Treaty of 1947, the Municipality of Brigue was divided into three parts: the part included in the Upper Roja Valley formed the commune of La Brigue; the part included in the Alta Valle Tanaro, formed an Italian town in Piedmont, which was symbolically called Briga Alta; the part included in the high Argentina Valley, including the village of Realdo, it has been aggregated to the Italian City of Triora.
At the beginning of the twentieth century, Realdo had about 600 inhabitants, in part permanent residents (farmers, laborers and artisans), partly seasonal workers in hotels of Liguria and the French Riviera and a considerable part of pastors. Today, after the general depopulation of the Second World War the mountain, the Realdesi (Reaudée in Brigasco) permanently residing in the country are now reduced to a few units: only during the summer hundreds of tourists of second homes populate the country. There are no indications for the safe etymological meaning of the name of the country: Realdo. For a long time the country was called "Cà da Roca" (House of Rock) and, until a few years ago, the Realdesi who spent the summer in the villages, even called their home Realdo, "Cà da roca".