Sanctuary dell'Acquasanta

From the hamlet of Lecchiore you can reach the sanctuary dedicated to the Virgin Mary, said dell'Acquasanta. The architectural elements of this structure are integrated almost harmoniously with its surroundings. According to tradition, the building was built in the eighteenth century at the place where the Virgin appeared to the faithful. More curious legends have spread around the Sanctuary. It seems, for example, that during the Carnival, a imperiese was wandering the streets with a mask on his face and he had offended with a laugh the Holy Sacrament. As punishment, according to the legend, the mask that he wore was stuck to her face; and the pardon he was granted after nine laps of racing around the sanctuary.
Another legend refers to the Second World War, when a woman, which visited the shrine to pray to the Virgin to help her feed her daughters, upon returning home find you have got the gift of milk to sustain us girls.